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Peter Lundström Photography.

There is no such thing as a bad reason for picking up a camera, that is unless it involves a broken pelvis. For Peter Lundström this was exactly the reason why photography became his art form, for after a nasty accident while snowboarding he found himself earth bound. For him there was no better way to still hang with your riding buddies than with a camera in your hand shooting them getting rad.


 Peter had flirted with photography before though while studying web design and video production at home in Sweden but it didn’t become part of his professional life until he joined Onboard Magazine as an intern at the turn of the new millennia. It was not long before he had his first shot published; a sequence of John Jackson at the SPC summer camp, which received the highest of accolades from Vincent Skoglund, who at the time was the leading figure in snowboard photography and a senior photographer at the magazine.


Six years on and he has slipped comfortably into Vincent’s shoes, not only as a senior shooter but also as one of the most progressive photographers within the genre of snowboard photography. His approach to the medium is not one of purely documentation but more of a fashion photographers approach to the capturing of an image; considering all elements, from the shots composition, to the use of artificial lighting and the outfits worn by his chosen riders. His photography leaves the norm of “blue sky, white snow, nice trick” floundering in the past. It is he and the likes of him who will take the photography of snowboarding to the next level and in so doing breath new life into the sport itself.


 Daniel Burrows, Editor in Chief, Onboard Magazine


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Peter använder Elinchrom Ranger RX blixtar utrustade med de snabba Freelite A huvuden.
Till lamphuvudena använder han High performance reflektorer. Som väskor har han valt Latigid.


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